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Recipe: Master Cleanse!


Recipe: Master Cleanse!

When we were first introduced to this recipe, created by the handsome cocktail duo, Lucas Plant and Daniel Osborne of Bull in China, we knew it would become a staple on our cocktail menu. It's the perfect drink for any time of the day and for those who want to indulge without any guilt. It’s healthy (-ish) and is a great even without the tequila- but why would you want to leave the best part out?!

Fun facts about carrot juice:

- It has a TON of vitamin A

- Among 39 fruits and veggies, carrots are ranked #10 in nutritional value

- Great source of dietary fiber

- Aids in metabolism of fat and absorption of iron

- A good source of magnesium which is needed for bone, protein, making new cells, activating B vitamins, relaxing nerves and muscles, clotting blood, and in energy production!

Holy Smokes! Make a big batch!

* This information and more can be found here.

It takes a little time to prep… but it lasts up to three days! 

Makes 3 cocktails

Prep time: 15 mins

For the Juice: Yields about 12 oz.

   4 large carrots

   2 sweet apples (we love honeycrisp)

   1 lemon

For the salted rim:

   1 tsp dried ancho chile powder

   1 tsp cayenne powder

   2 T salt

For the Cinnamon-Cayenne Agave:

   ¼ c. 100% Agave syrup

   3T boiling hot water

   1 tsp cinnamon

   1 tsp cayenne

**For making bigger batches, you’ll want to keep a 2:1 ratio for agave to hot water. Two parts agave, one part hot water. As for carrot and apple juice shoot for a 1:1 ratio. One part carrot, one part apple.


Step 1: Make Syrup- simply add agave, boiling hot water, cinnamon, and cayenne together in a bowl and mix thoroughly. Set aside to cool.

Step 2: Wash and peel carrots, core apples and throw them in the juicer. Squeeze ½ a lemon into the juice and mix. It’s yummy and kid friendly at this point!

Step 3:  Mix together salt, cayenne, and ancho chile.

Then it all comes together!

Use a pint glass. Take remaining lemon and rim the lip of the glass with lemon juice. Dip rim into your salt mixture.

In a cocktail shaker add:

   4 oz. (1/4 c carrot-apple juice)

   3/4 oz. cinnamon- cayenne agave

   1 1/2 oz. tequila

   Add a scoop of ice and shake, shake, shake

Pour directly in to your salted-pint glass, top with ice and feel good about how you started your day!