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Where to Eat Thanksgiving Day

Where to Eat Thanksgiving Day

Pre-ordered Thanksgiving Dinner Take Out | 12pm - 2pm
Besaw's wants to help make your holiday easy and care-free. We will be offering family style take out for your day of feasting! 

Seated In-house a la carte Dinner Service | 2pm - 7pm
Chef Dustin Clark is Taking Over Thanksgiving. Tell your grandparents to skip the cooking and treat your family, friends (or just yourself) to a hearty, classic Thanksgiving dinner.


Summer is Here!

The sun is out, the shades are on, and we are kicking out a new Dinner menu to match the cheerful weather and the local produce we're getting in now! We have a very talented team of individuals that have collaborated for the newest menu including: Sous Chef, Ben Chase; Executive Chef, Dustin Clark; Kitchen Manager, Sid Conner; and Heavy Metal Specialist, Ryan Perman. Together they created a diverse range of flavors and experiences that sing Summer.

Here's a peak of what's happening now. See the full menu here.



roasted cauliflower, rapini, carrot broth


braised radishes, oyster mushroom purée, salsa verde

Spring Onion Tart

strawberries, goat cheese, burnt honey vinaigrette



 Hot Chicken

potato salad, house honey mustard, bread & butter pickles

Besaw's 114th Birthday Celebration

Besaw's 114th Birthday Celebration

We had the most wonderful time this weekend celebrating 114 years of Besaw's history. We wanted to share some of the photos taken by Greg Needham and Lisa Ramirez. A big thank you to everyone who joined us! Much Love, the Besaw's Crew.

Dress up and drink bubbles- It's party time!

Dress up and drink bubbles- It's party time!

Besaw's just turned 114 years old!! We wanted to celebrate (albeit a tad late) a history of shared meals, familiar faces, old friends, new friends, cocktail talks, fried chicken adventures, and chocolate cake.

We're dressin up the house this weekend and bringing back two of the MOST missed breakfast specials from our "classic" Besaw's menu.
The Prosciutto Scramble and the Avocado Sammy - !!!!!!!! yes.

ALSO! Brunch with us this weekend and enter our raffle to win a $50 gift voucher for dinner at Besaw's! Raffle is Saturday, March 4th, 8am- 3pm and Sunday, March 5th, 8am- 3pm. Winner will be drawn March 10th, 2017.

Party dates : Saturday March 4th and Sunday March 5th!

Come celebrate our 114th (or 1st) birthday!
See you this weekend!


the besaw's crew