Besaw’s Buttermilk Pancake

The straight-up ideal of pancakedom: light and bronzed, cooked evenly throughout, with a robust flavor and buttermilk perfume. We discovered it on Day 6 of hate-stuffing our faces with forkfuls of flour and sugar, and still wolfed the whole thing down—it’s that good. The secret? The kitchen whips egg whites to a meringue and then folds ’em into the batter in order to get that “grandma-style fluff.” Best move: package a sturdy single ($4) with excellent, oversize pork sausage links made in-house ($6). Bonus: Soft swirled butter (instead of the ubiquitous Darigold pats), warm syrup, good cocktails, and, for sweet fiends, the cult Dream Cakes ($12)—cream cheese frosted and toffee sauce drizzled. (Think IHOP* special that actually tastes good.) *IHOP is terrible, people." - Karen Brookes & Kelly Clarke of Portland Monthly