Ayer's Creek Farm has caught the adoration of many due to Anthony and Carol Boutard's dedication to "growing what tastes good."  They purchased the 144 acre farm located in Gaston in 1998 and are renowned for their heirloom seeds and unconventional practices. They offered to take our crew on a tour of the farm and feed us- an offer we just couldn't resist. The drive was beautiful and short (about 45 mins) and a happy gold-coated dog greeted us in the driveway. Anthony brought us in to taste some of the items Portland chefs usually avoid, such as cardoons, and showed us the simple and flavorful world of wheat brines.

We were then treated to a stroll through the farm led by Anthony as he candidly remarked decades old chicory with different colored flags. He spoke about the creatures that live on the land and the cheerful starlings that steal his cherries (which he enjoys watching). Interestingly, he doesn't do winter cover crops, noting that the ecosystem of spiders and bees that live in the decaying corn stalks are essential to the health of the farm year around. It was such a wonderful experience and we love everything that we get from Ayer's Creek Farm- you can definitely tell they farm for flavor. 


certified organic beans, berries, grain, corn, vegetables that grow best on their property and near the 45th parallel


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