Besaw's just turned 114 years old!! We wanted to celebrate (albeit a tad late) a history of shared meals, familiar faces, old friends, new friends, cocktail talks, fried chicken adventures, and chocolate cake.

We're dressin up the house this weekend and bringing back two of the MOST missed breakfast specials from our "classic" Besaw's menu.
The Prosciutto Scramble and the Avocado Sammy - !!!!!!!! yes.

ALSO! Brunch with us this weekend and enter our raffle to win a $50 gift voucher for dinner at Besaw's! Raffle is Saturday, March 4th, 8am- 3pm and Sunday, March 5th, 8am- 3pm. Winner will be drawn March 10th, 2017.

Party dates : Saturday March 4th and Sunday March 5th!

Come celebrate our 114th (or 1st) birthday!
See you this weekend!


the besaw's crew