There's only 10 days left of Travel Portland's Dining Month*! Here are our Top 10 reasons why you should make this your 10 days to #dinePDX:

1. Bar Avignon, Besaw's, The Country Cat, Departure - That's only A-D, friends. 
2. Try great Portland Brews in (or with) your Portland Dining Month meals. We're featuring Deschutes' Cinder Cone Red. Plus drinking a 22 ouncer with your dinner = Awesome.  
3. Any neighborhood, all over town. Dining month is a great excuse to cross the river.
4. $29 for three courses - a spectacular deal for any of these great PDX spots, but especially fun at places usually reserved for special occasions.
5. More room in your wallet for cocktails - WIN!
6. Test out a really great bottle of wine - not so bad when the food's this cheap. 
7. A cuisine for every possible taste. Classic comfort food tonight, rustic French tomorrow night? Yes, please. 
8. Has anyone ever tried a Dining Month Restaurant Crawl? This could be you. 
9. Dine Against Hunger - reservations made via Open Table support the Oregon Food Bank
10. Visit a Portland Dining Month restaurant March 27-29th and Umpqua Bank could buy your dinner! Gotta play to win, folks! 

Happy Dining! See our menu for Portland Dining Month here

*technically 11. Bonus.