The night wind whipped icily outside the great hall window as the costumed revelers gathered.  From upstairs came the creeeeaaaak of a loose floorboard, unnoticed by most of the guests.  Suddenly the hall was shrouded in black as a spectacular CRACK split the night-- perhaps it was just thunder?  Alas, no!  For when the lights flickered back to life, a single corpse lay at the eye of the eddying current of veiled partygoers... for there had been... A MURDER AT THE MASQUERADE!!! This past Monday evening, the Besaw's crew descended on our sister restaurant, Wildwood, for a night of intrigue, whodunits and mystery, in conjunction with the fabulous Murder Mystery Company!  Words don't properly some up the event, so we'll let some photographic evidence do the talking:

Oh my!


Mr Peacock


And at the end of the night, it was revealed that the dastardly perpetrator was none other than... wait, but that would be telling, wouldn't it...?


The french maid