Creepy Halloween Costumes

We have always enjoyed playing dress-up, and now we're out to get more of our neighborhood friends involved in our silly staff traditions. So this Halloween, we will be hosting Besaw's First Annual Costume Contest!  If you arrive at Besaw's in costume anytime on Thursday, October 31st, your Water Avenue coffee is on the house.

Also, our spook-tacular staff will be on hand to take photos of your devilish digs and post them to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  Over the weekend we will tally our followers' "LIKES" on Instagram, and the winner will receive dinner for two at Besaw's!

(If you take your own photos while at Besaw's, be sure to tag @besaws to be entered in the contest.)

Here's your chance to win something for wearing a silly outfit. It's one of the only days a year where anything goes, so have fun with it and we'll see you on Halloween for breakfast, lunch and dinner!