Holiday party… WHAT holiday party?! Okay, so we were a little late this time around, but all in all it couldn’t have worked out better. This year the Besaw’s crew jumped the big blue bus for a night of frolicking in the snow at Government Camp.
Memories of snow days past hold a special place in the collective Besaw's heart.  These days, however, "no school" has been replaced by "no work".  We shuttered the doors for the day and blew out of town for a date with that most mysterious of Portland-based weather conditions:  snow.
Our chaffeur Alex (@oldschoolpdx), ever the consummate professional, fetched us in the aforementioned bus with a couple delightful wrinkles:  a selection of... ahem... adult beverages in tow, and full-blown karaoke madness.  Seriously, all, if your group is looking for a way to liven up your travels, there is none better than Alex, Norman (the bus' name, natch) and OldschoolPDX.
With Alex and his faithful karaoke-bar-on-wheels having delivered us up the mighty mountain, it was time to get down to business.  In this case, "business" consisted of an all-night dance-a-thon, card games, risque snow sculptures, and a snowball fight of such epic proportions that many of the participants were stricken with minor rotator cuff damage (thankfully, no one had to spend any time on the DL).  Truly an adventure for the ages; many inner Vikings were unleashed.

Moreover, it reminded us why we are so grateful to have each other to call family, and this neighborhood to call home. Enjoy some photos here, and more on Besaw's Facebook!