As many of our friends and patrons know, the staff members at Besaw's are crazy about our pets. Our GM and his girlfriend have four cats and a dog between them! When we were looking for our non-profit for the month of Love, we thought: what better way to show ours than through Animal Aid? After all, it's organizations like this that introduced us to all our most beloved kitties and pups.

The thing that tugged our heartstrings most of all was the idea that our donation will go directly toward Animal Aid's Fund for Urgent Veterinary Care. When we're snuggling with our canine companion on our day off, it's good to know that we're helping others to take the very best care of their furry friends, too.

The story of how this organization was founded is so inspiring, and truthfully we teared up a lil' bit when we read about the founder, Jack Hurd, and his wife, and their commitment to helping stray animals find homes, lost animals get home, and all animals in need getting the loving care they deserve. Please check out their website, here.

Join us for dinner during the month of February, and a portion of our sales will go to Animal Aid. Cheffy's got an amazing Valentine's Day menu planned, Beth's serving a beautiful pink cocktail, and we're featuring several lovely pours, as well. Stay tuned! We'll also be sharing our favorite Adoptable Pets on our Facebook page this month!