It's been snowing off and on for two days now in Portland, and we keep waiting for the news to announce ARCTIC BLAST 2012! At least we've got enough food stored up--for all of us, and for all of you!

Chef's got some exciting new changes for the dinner menu this week. We've been watching him perfect his Buffalo Confit Duck Wings in the kitchen, and boy, do they look good! Those babies are dredged in a house made spice mix, and covered in a mouth-watering buffalo sauce. And, there's nothing like a rich, succulent duck in the middle of winter. We were dreaming of roasting a duck at home, but were delighted to find out we could have an amazing duck appetizer at Besaw's, instead! Paired with Chef's Roasted Pear salad with arugula, Oregon Bleu and candied hazelnuts, it's the perfect light and luxurious meal for a cold night like tonight.