As many of our patrons may know, Besaw's donates a portion of our dinner revenue to benefit a different charitable organization each month. For the month of December, we are pleased to offer our aid to Farmers Ending Hunger. We became interested in this non-profit because of our own mission to support local, sustainable, and seasonal farming. Even with our abundance of beautiful food and our long growing season, Oregon is still one of the hungriest states in the nation. Farmers Ending Hunger asks local farmers to donate acres of their farm and ranch land in order to directly provide to the Oregon Food Bank. Through their Adopt-an-Acre program, our donations help to process the food they grow, and help farmers to bring local and sustainable food to people in our state who need it most. We hope you'll join us for dinner this month, and help us to sponsor this valuable organization this Holiday Season.

For more information, please visit Farmers Ending Hunger.