There's nothing so elusive in the seasonal eating world as the Wildcrafter--clandestine, he harvests plants from their "wild" habitat, seeking uncultivated plants wherever they may be found.

Here at Besaw's we might see him several times a year, when he brings Chef his exotic fruits of the forest.

Chef was fortunate enough this last week to get his hands on a beautiful selection of Chicken of the Woods, or Laetiporus mushrooms.

When I first saw them, they looked like a species of giant clam, yellow and neon orange in color, undulating in soft, woody scallops (perhaps this is why some of our staff kept teasing Chef about our "Chicken of the Sea" special).

But the taste! Almost like chicken, meaty and woody in texture, so delicious.

Lucky diners last Friday night ate their fill of Grilled Painted Hills Rib-eye over Sweet Potato Puree, Cardamom Roasted White Carrots & Chicken of the Woods Sauce.

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