Summer plans, anyone ? Oregon is a mecca for outdoor adventure. I am looking forward to plunging into a few swimming holes and hiking on sunny crags of mountain trail; catching a picnic in Cathedral Park and watching a film outside on the side of a barn with milkshakes; laughing in the sunshine and eating berries till my lips are purple… Dining outside is another passion of mine. There are a few destinations in town that stand out. My favorite, however, is the deck of a close friend. The space has a collection of different rocks and cast iron flower sculptures. There are a couple pretty old firs hanging out nearby and a white kitty that likes to sneak about in the brush when we’re eating.  The quiet and the gentle summer winds join us like old friends as the afternoons wane on into the evenings.

Whatever you do this summer to celebrate the brief time we are able to dine outside, make certain you make something yummy and share it with people you love. Moments like these are made for making delicious food. If you can make memories, too, why wouldn’t you ?