Practicing ways to better ourselves and our lives is a constant journey. Food is acentral part of this and inspires me to be conscious of what we eat and what we serve our friends and family.

In February, I participated in a “detox club”. Three friends and myself cooked whole foods for each other every Sunday and met on the following Monday evenings to trade our offerings. Our bounty was meatless and mostly dairy free, using only the best, most whole ingredients we could find. Things like lentils, broths, vegetables, seaweed salads, dips and noodles were some of the stars. We talked about how we felt when we cooked these things for each other and what it meant to share it. It was wonderful to connect over our homemade dishes and create not only a delicious meal but also a “full-filling” gift for each other.

Echoing this experience, our restaurant recently attended an event called the Farmer Chef Connection. It was informative sure, but the golden kernels in the event were the other attendees. A majority of these people were small food producers and artisan food purveyors with a sprinkling of chefs and food media people. They offered heirloom beans and grains, edible flowers, kombucha varietals and countless other, signature products just to name a few. They love food and love sharing it and prize the process around how it came to be. Their story is their life force and in this they are further inspired to share it.

Both of these experiences pleasantly reminded me that food nourishes the soul, even more so when it is shared. Enjoy.