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We accept brunch reservations for parties of 6 or more via phone or email only. 
We do not take brunch reservations for groups of less than 6. For dinner reservations of any size, please use the Open Table form above, or call the restaurant at 503.228.2619.


Join us for THE HOLIDAYS!

Thurs, oct. 31st 8AM - 3 PM | 5PM - 10PM

Weds, Nov 22nd 7AM - 3PM | 5PM - 10PM

Thurs, Nov 23rd | 2PM - 7PM

Sun, Dec 24th 8AM - 3PM | Closed for DInner

Mon, dec 25th | CLOSED

Sun, Dec 31st 8AM - 3PM | 5 - 9PM

Mon, Jan 1st 8AM - 3PM | 5 - 9PM