Besaw's listed for top pancake in Portland!

Besaw's listed for top pancake in Portland!

Besaw’s Buttermilk Pancake

The straight-up ideal of pancakedom: light and bronzed, cooked evenly throughout, with a robust flavor and buttermilk perfume. We discovered it on Day 6 of hate-stuffing our faces with forkfuls of flour and sugar, and still wolfed the whole thing down—it’s that good. The secret? The kitchen whips egg whites to a meringue and then folds ’em into the batter in order to get that “grandma-style fluff.” Best move: package a sturdy single ($4) with excellent, oversize pork sausage links made in-house ($6). Bonus: Soft swirled butter (instead of the ubiquitous Darigold pats), warm syrup, good cocktails, and, for sweet fiends, the cult Dream Cakes ($12)—cream cheese frosted and toffee sauce drizzled. (Think IHOP* special that actually tastes good.) *IHOP is terrible, people." - Karen Brookes & Kelly Clarke of Portland Monthly

A Walk with Anthony Boutard

A Walk with Anthony Boutard

Ayer's Creek Farm has caught the adoration of many due to Anthony and Carol Boutard's dedication to "growing what tastes good."  They purchased the 144 acre farm located in Gaston in 1998 and are renowned for their heirloom seeds and unconventional practices. They offered to take our crew on a tour of the farm and feed us- an offer we just couldn't resist. The drive was beautiful and short (about 45 mins) and a happy gold-coated dog greeted us in the driveway. Anthony brought us in to taste some of the items Portland chefs usually avoid, such as cardoons, and showed us the simple and flavorful world of wheat brines.

We were then treated to a stroll through the farm led by Anthony as he candidly remarked decades old chicory with different colored flags. He spoke about the creatures that live on the land and the cheerful starlings that steal his cherries (which he enjoys watching). Interestingly, he doesn't do winter cover crops, noting that the ecosystem of spiders and bees that live in the decaying corn stalks are essential to the health of the farm year around. It was such a wonderful experience and we love everything that we get from Ayer's Creek Farm- you can definitely tell they farm for flavor. 


certified organic beans, berries, grain, corn, vegetables that grow best on their property and near the 45th parallel


On the Farm: Monthly Open Farm days
Retail: PastaworksNew Seasons Market

January is The Month of Hotties!

January is The Month of Hotties!

There's still plenty of time to get in on our month of HOTTIES! We have 5 special hot cocktails made just for these cold winter days. Get out and get cozy at Besaw's!

On the menu for January only!

Morning, Would? : amaretto, Godiva white chocolate liqueur, coffee, whipped cream

The Hot Buttered Rum : Meyer's Dark Rum, housemade hot buttered rum mix, whipped cream, nutmeg

Light My Fire : Red Hot infused vodka, Cherry Herring, hot apple cider (it's delicious, for real)

Butter Me Up: butterscotch infused Jameson, hot apple cider

Lacadia's Choice : Olmeca Altos Reposado tequila, cinnamon-cayenne agave, lime juice, hot water


Dustin Clark competes in the Feast Portland Sandwich Invitational!!

Dustin Clark competes in the Feast Portland Sandwich Invitational!!

We will be cheering on our man, Dustin Clark tonight at Feast! He's coming to take the Sandwich Invitational trophy with a coffee-chile wild boar sandwich topped with his secret-recipe pimento cheese and bread & butter pickle slaw served in between to fabulous slices of Hawaiian bread. YUM! Good luck D!! - Love your crew at Besaw's and The Solo Club

"When 19 all-star chefs bring their ‘A’-game to the RoseQuarter, the awesomeness scoreboard is gonna light up like a Blazers blow-out win. Expect a high-flying affair where our featured chefs put some crazy spin-moves on the classic definition of “sandwich.” Throw down some title-worthy cocktails, exceptional craft brews and fine wines, then join our panel of esteemed judges in voting for your favorite creation. Who will hoist the coveted Sandwich Invitational championship trophy? Will there be a ticker-tape parade through downtown Portland for the winner? We refuse to speculate." - Feast, Sandwich Invitational 2017

"Chef Dustin Clark’s rise to Portland’s culinary elite, stemmed from an innate Pacific Northwest Cuisine sensibility: source the finest local ingredients, know your farmers and make lasting relationships, follow your passion, and the cuisine will reflect the integrity. After attending New England Culinary Institute in Vermont, an externship provided Dustin the inspiration to relocate from his home in South Dakota to Portland, Oregon. Dustin’s first few years were split honing his skills between restaurant legend, Zefiro, and what would come to be known as the legendary Pacific Northwest Cuisine restaurant, Wildwood – two groundbreaking restaurants in Portland’s modern dining history. Under the tutelage of Wildwood founder Cory Schreiber, Dustin quickly climbed the ranks, reaching Executive Chef within a few years. Dustin is widely recognized as having elevated Wildwood to its iconic status through his innovative palate and flavor combinations, rigorous technique, as well as being one of the earliest adopters of farm-to-table cooking. In his current role of Executive Chef at Besaw’s, Dustin explores the opportunity to to elevate the game on classic comfort foods, and evolve yet another Portland institution. His long-standing farmer relationships and love of quality product are helping establish the new location of Besaw’s as a neighborhood staple. Next door, the menu at The Solo Club, where Dustin is Executive Chef and Partner at the jewel-box bar, draw inspiration from his travels from around the globe with influences as far away as the Mediterranean and Asia." -Feast Portland 2017

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