Celebrating a Cornerstone of Northwest Cuisine : Besaw's Commemorates Wildwood's History

Celebrating a Cornerstone of Northwest Cuisine : Besaw's Commemorates Wildwood's History

This Saturday, February 25th, marks the third anniversary of Wildwood's close. We are planning to celebrate one night only with two famed dishes that were staples in Northwest Portland - Skillet Roasted Mussels and Potato-wrapped Dungeness Crab!! This one time special is happening Saturday, February 25th from 5-10pm at Besaw's.

We essentially brought the band back together when we relocated- Wildwood's executive chef, Dustin Clark, signed on with a long-time comrade, Cana Flug, Owner at Besaw's and former Gerenal Manager of the farm-to-table pioneer, Wildwood.  Along with our move, we brought on 21 employees from the old Wildwood location including, chefs, bartenders and servers.

Wildwood, originally opened by Cory Schrieber, quickly won praise for its innovative take on using local ingredients. Along with Higgins and Paley’s Place, many consider the restaurant to have played a large part in inventing what is now called “Northwest Cuisine”. - Portland Food and Drink
Flug says she's received about 100 comment cards asking if Besaw's can make Wildwood's famed mussels plate. "I think we're going to have to bring back some of the iconic dishes a few times," she says. "If I can get Dustin to do it after making them for 16 years." - Willamette Week
"We are proud of our past, our present and what this restaurant has meant to the Portland restaurant community for the last 20 years. We are especially proud of the strides our team has made in recent years and the awesome amount of blood, sweat, and tears they have dedicated to the restaurant.” - Cana Flug quoted in the Portland Monthly

SO! We encourage you all to come and celebrate a landmark restaurant that has inspired us all, built our culinary culture up, and nurtured an incredible amount of talent here in Portland, Oregon.

Wildwood celebratory specials on our menu:

Skillet Roasted Mussels - saffron, tomato, garlic, grilled bread

Potato-wrapped Dungeness Crab Cake- fennel, orange, watercress


We also want to give our gratitude to Dustin Clark. We are honored to have him as we continue traditions of Northwest cuisine in an ever-changing city. Much love to you Dustin!






Recipe: Master Cleanse!

Recipe: Master Cleanse!

When we were first introduced to this recipe, created by the handsome cocktail duo, Lucas Plant and Daniel Osborne of Bull in China, we knew it would become a staple on our cocktail menu. It's the perfect drink for any time of the day and for those who want to indulge without any guilt. It’s healthy (-ish) and is a great even without the tequila- but why would you want to leave the best part out?!

Fun facts about carrot juice:

- It has a TON of vitamin A

- Among 39 fruits and veggies, carrots are ranked #10 in nutritional value

- Great source of dietary fiber

- Aids in metabolism of fat and absorption of iron

- A good source of magnesium which is needed for bone, protein, making new cells, activating B vitamins, relaxing nerves and muscles, clotting blood, and in energy production!

Holy Smokes! Make a big batch!

* This information and more can be found here.

It takes a little time to prep… but it lasts up to three days! 

Makes 3 cocktails

Prep time: 15 mins

For the Juice: Yields about 12 oz.

   4 large carrots

   2 sweet apples (we love honeycrisp)

   1 lemon

For the salted rim:

   1 tsp dried ancho chile powder

   1 tsp cayenne powder

   2 T salt

For the Cinnamon-Cayenne Agave:

   ¼ c. 100% Agave syrup

   3T boiling hot water

   1 tsp cinnamon

   1 tsp cayenne

**For making bigger batches, you’ll want to keep a 2:1 ratio for agave to hot water. Two parts agave, one part hot water. As for carrot and apple juice shoot for a 1:1 ratio. One part carrot, one part apple.


Step 1: Make Syrup- simply add agave, boiling hot water, cinnamon, and cayenne together in a bowl and mix thoroughly. Set aside to cool.

Step 2: Wash and peel carrots, core apples and throw them in the juicer. Squeeze ½ a lemon into the juice and mix. It’s yummy and kid friendly at this point!

Step 3:  Mix together salt, cayenne, and ancho chile.

Then it all comes together!

Use a pint glass. Take remaining lemon and rim the lip of the glass with lemon juice. Dip rim into your salt mixture.

In a cocktail shaker add:

   4 oz. (1/4 c carrot-apple juice)

   3/4 oz. cinnamon- cayenne agave

   1 1/2 oz. tequila

   Add a scoop of ice and shake, shake, shake

Pour directly in to your salted-pint glass, top with ice and feel good about how you started your day!


Besaw's is for Lovers!

Besaw's is for Lovers!

We are celebrating FIVE DAYS of love with specials created by Dustin Clark.  We are taking reservations now!  Please call us for reservations for the DAY OF Valentine's Day. 

Much Love!

The Besaw's Crew


Besaw’s Summer Break is over! After months of planning (and taking advantage of Portland’s glorious summer weather), we’re ready to spill the beans: Besaw’s has a new home! We found the perfect spot just a stone’s throw away on the corner of NW 21st and Raleigh: the Besaw’s Team is back in action building out our beautiful new space. We love that we’re putting down roots next to the New Seasons flagship store at Slabtown Marketplace and are so honored to rebuild in the same neighborhood that has supported us for the last century. We’ve missed you!

As we immersed ourselves in the process of redefining Besaw’s without the trappings of the 112-year-old building we’d previously called home, we began to get giddy about all of the opportunities to expand in ways where before, there were only limitations (read: Hollandaise every day! Happy Hour galore!).  While Besaw’s will always be bustling, vibrant and cozy, we’ve added some special and surprising details to our customer experience. New tweaks to the Besaw’s legacy (such as our brand-spankin’-new, custom built brick oven) have us beyond excited for the future direction of the restaurant. Chef Michael Uhnak is bringing back the classics (and creating some new ones!), and we’re thrilled to announce that in addition to our new, larger space, we’ve got a little sister restaurant in the works, allowing us to grow several programs championed by our talented management team. It is foremost in our minds and hearts to be both reverential to our storied past and ambitious in our reach toward the future.

We’ve made every effort to preserve the heart and soul of Besaw’s, to create a gathering place that will feed Portlanders for another 112 years. Expect to see turn of the century details referencing our beloved former space, familiar smiling faces (did we mention we missed you?) with a few new additions allowing for an even more market-driven menu.

Besaw’s will be opening our doors before this holiday season for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day of the week!

We’d especially like to thank each and every one of you, our extended Besaw’s family, for the outpouring of support, kind words and patience as we move excitedly into this new chapter.

Can’t wait to see you later this fall!

xo, Cana & The Besaw's Team